Why war? Why not peace?

Too long have I had my dwelling
among those who hate peace.
I am for peace;
but when I speak,
they are for war.

Psalm 120:6

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What the Uniting Church has said:

At its Tenth Assembly in 2003, the Uniting Church adopted a statement called Uniting for Peace.  Uniting for Peace is in three sections. The first part, beginning with a declaration of
our faith, is a reminder of what we have already said about ourselves, that is, that we are a peacemaking church and that we believe all Christians are called to be peacemakers.
The second section is the Uniting Church’s commitment to the World Council of Churches’ Decade to Overcome Violence and the third section is a statement about working for peace and genuine security. It includes some very strong and clear declarations about our belief that violence and the threat of violence is not the way to genuine and long-lasting peace. For example it says:

“true justice can only be achieved through means that do not consist of violence, nor perpetuate the cycle of violence; [and that] true security can only be achieved through non-violent means that seek to build trust and relationships of understanding and acceptance between nations and people”;

Recent statements include: “we acknowledge that we have not believed enough in the power of peace. We have placed our faith in the ownership of weapons and the idea of ‘deterrence’ to deliver security for the world’s people. However, we believe there can be no security while there are about 26,000 nuclear weapons in the world with a few thousand of these on hair trigger alert”. http://www.unitingjustice.org.au/uniting-for-peace/news/item/202-president-statement-we-must-believe-in-peace

Read a helpful summary from Rev. Elenie Poulos, National Director UnitingJustice entitled The Theology of Nonviolence, Seminar with John Dear SJ and Donna Mulhearn : http://www.unitingjustice.org.au/uniting-for-peace/speeches-and-sermons/item/808-the-uca–the-confession-of-non-violent-faith

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