This website is an initiative of  Social Justice Commission of the Uniting Church Synod of Western Australia.UCWA Logo It provides a range of information and resources to Western Australian UCA congregations, church members and others who have made (or are considering making) a conscious decision to think, pray and work for peace in our world.



Peace is one of the three major themes of the Social Justice Board’s work. The other major themes are


Human Rights-especially for Refugees and Australia’s First Peoples

Read more about our work here

Our work for peace cannot be isolated from our other social justice campaigns. Justice for First People’s will bring more peace to us all. Care of the environment will enable global peace from dispossession, displacement and hunger.

What has the Uniting Church said about peace?

A major resolution of the Uniting Church Assembly 03.19.02 “Uniting for Peace”

affirming that God loves all creation and that all people, as members of God’s family, are called to love each other, and, recalling past resolutions of this Assembly,

  • that God came in the crucified and risen Christ to make peace; and that God calls all Christians to be peacemakers, to save life, to heal and to love their neighbours; and
  • that the Church is committed to be a peacemaking body;

commits to overcoming violence and working for peace and general security. Read more here

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