Working for peace

The Uniting Church’s Synod of Western Australia’s Social Justice Board has identified Peace as one of our three major areas of work for the next 3 years from 2014 to 2017. During this period our country will mark the various 100th year commemorations of the First World War. These commemorations cause us to reflect upon Australia’s experience of war and peace, its costs and its long lasting effects.

When we think of peace we think of the absence of war. Certainly there is a lot written about the on-going conflicts around the world in which Australia is a participant -including Afghanistan and Syria. Peace is more than an absence of war, however.

In our work we want to think about:

  • violence -its causes, its logic, its language, its results
  • non-violence as an alternative choice for human communities
  • gender-based violence (also called domestic or family violence
  • what makes for peace and how we can promote it
  • being welcoming and inclusive as a community and as individuals

We are inspired by our faith in Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, to take up the work of making peace.

In this site we will have many resources for you to download, and activities for you to join. Please see the menu at the top of the page for more.


Olive tree buds -a symbol of peace. 


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